In Abisko there are different kinds of accomodations. The closest accomodation is Abisko Mountain Lodge. We have also Abisko Turiststation. About 10 km from Abisko there is Björkliden Fjällby. More info about accomodations can be found in booking.com for example.


Caravan and tent at Bjerkvik sports hall.

At Bjerkvik sports hall it is possible to set up a caravan / mobile home or set up a tent at the back of the hall. There is access to a toilet
next to the hall. It is free to park a caravan / mobile home / tent at the sports hall.
Contact hall manager Hege Nilsen to arrange a line-up at the hall.
Contact:  Bjerkvik idrettshall tlf :+47 99 38 17 99             E-mail: hall@bif.no
                 Hallbestyrer Hege Nilsen tlf: +47 41143868

Link to Bjerkvikhallen on Google maps

"Sportellet" next to "Bjerkvikhallen"

"Sportellet" at the sports facility in Bjerkvik offers 10 simple rooms with a shared living room. There is one larger living room connected to 10 simple rooms with a toilet and shower (no possibility for more people in the room, single beds). The living room has a small kitchen, TV, and seating area. There is also a suitable drying room for clothes and a washing machine. The rental price for a simple room (with made-up beds) is kr 700 per person per day.

There are also 2 apartments with their own entrance. The living room has a small kitchen and the bathroom has a toilet and shower (slightly larger in apartment number 2). Apartment number 1 has 3 bedrooms (2 bunk beds in each room, 6 people). Apartment number 2 has 3 bedrooms (2 bunk beds in 2 of the rooms and a single bed in the third room, 5 people). The rental price for the apartments is kr 1,800 per day per apartment.

There is also one apartment on the top floor with 3 small bedrooms, a living room, and a small kitchen. The bathroom has a toilet and sink. There are 2 shared showers on the first floor and 2 toilets on the first and second floors. The rental price for this apartment is kr 2,100 per day.

For the apartments, bed linen and towels are kr 150 per set, and cleaning after the stay is kr 800 per unit. All prices are exclusive of VAT (12%).

There is also the possibility to arrange for meals at some of the restaurants in Bjerkvik. If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Leigas Eiendom AS - Vassdalsveien 17, Pb. 23, 8531 Bjerkvik - Telephone 80043500 - post@leigas.no - www.visinor.no - No 992 911 050 MVA.

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